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Profiled roofing sheets

We supply per-coloured profile roofing in composite, anti con and standard profile available in several colours and finishes.

Range of colours

All our profile sheets are available in a selection of colours. Finishes such as Plastisol Leathergrain and Polyester and Natural Galvanised steel. We are happy to quote on all specifications and details.

Sheets & Cladding

Available in a wide range of profiles from 1000/32, 1000/34, 1000/20 box profiles and standard Corrugated sheets 8/3 and 13/3.



Absorbs up to a litre of water per square metre, AntiCon is a roof panel that controls condensation, stopping / minimising condensation drip. AntiCon is widely suited for livestock, warehouse, garages and any building where dry environments are of concern.


The Vent-air profile wall cladding sheet has been developed to meet the agricultural industry’s need for really effective ventilation inside a building. This helps generates a higher flow of air through the building without the humidity.